Types of Benefit Auctions

Benefit auctions are alive and well locally and nationally. According to a survey conducted by MOREPACE International for the National Auctioneers Association, in 2005 benefit auctions generated 14.6 billion dollars. Benefit auctions are a highly successful revenue-generating vehicle. Make sure you hire the right professionals for your benefit auction event. Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. will teach you proven methods for success, and just as critical, important pitfalls to avoid.

Silent Auctions
A silent auction is conducted via written or electronic bids and represents the ultimate in competitive shopping. Learn the keys to item procurement, item-to-attendee ratio, item display, and the critical 

part that announcements, timing and automated check-out play.

Live Auctions
A live auction is conducted by interaction between an auctioneer and the audience. If your event’s primary goal is fundraising, this portion of the evening will be the culmination of months of careful planning, item procurement, and carefully selected and displayed premiere items. Let Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. teach you the importance of selecting the right items for the right crowd, and the critical role that timing and item ordering play.

Live auctions can be incorporated into a number of event formats:

  • Art auctions—Events designated to highlight and sell works of art—canvas, ceramic, glass, jewelry, photography, sculpture, tapestry, to name a few. These events may include silent, live and/or online auctions.
  • Festivals—Typically held at churches and schools, these events frequently incorporate a carnival atmosphere with rides, flea markets, music, silent and live auctions.
  • Galas—The premiere event on an organization’s calendar, these fetes usually include hors d’oeuvres and/or dinner, a program with speakers and awards, silent and/or live auctions, and entertainment.
  • Golf tournaments—Many golf tournaments now incorporate a small live auction component into their events to add an extra level of fun and excitement.
  • Online auctions—These auctions can be held on their own or in conjunction with any of the events listed above. They are often done in real time with the live auction portion of an event.
  • Wine dinners—Gaining in popularity, these dinners typically feature four course dinners prepared by a well-known chef (or series of chefs), and flights of wine chosen by a sommelier. A Live auction is incorporated into the festivities.

Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. has experience with all of these event formats and is excited to lend our expertise to your next event. Call now for more information.

“In the 15 years I’ve been involved with benefit auctions, I have not seen another auctioneer as gifted as Kurt Johnson. Because he’s the master of his trade, I’ve referred him to several nonprofits in the metro area and all of them have been thrilled with the results. Even the most skeptical become believers in the value of live auctions after they witness Kurt work his magic. You will not be disappointed when you hire Kurt Johnson as your auctioneer. Your guests will have more fun and your organization will make more money.”

--Mary Butler, Development and Special Event Consultant

“I would recommend Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. in a heartbeat.”

—Dave Johnson, National Lutheran Choir