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04/05/16 White Bear Lake auctioneer begins earning industry’s top designation Johnson is enrolled and thriving at the Certified Auctioneers Institute – the auction profession’s premiere education program

White Bear Lake auctioneer begins earning industry’s top designation Johnson is enrolled and thriving at the Certified Auctioneers Institute –  the auction profession’s premiere education program

White Bear Lake, MN; April 5, 2016 – White Bear Lake auctioneer Connie J. M. Johnson, of Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc., recently completed her first year of courses at the prestigious Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI). The CAI program is the industry’s premier training program developed by the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) for auction professionals.

The three-year CAI designation program provides auction professionals the opportunity to earn the auction industry’s most respected professional designation. CAI is an intensive, executive development program offering professional auctioneers instruction and coursework in business management, ethics, communication, finance, strategic planning and marketing.

The NAA conducts CAI every year in March at Indiana University in Bloomington. CAI candidates join auctioneers from across the world to learn from some of the nation’s most distinguished and respected leaders in the auction industry. As of February 2016, there were approximately 900 current CAI designation holders in the world.

Johnson is the Vice President and General Manager of Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. and President of the Benefit Auction Institute. She resides in White Bear Lake with her husband, Kurt. To learn more about Johnson, please call 651-407-9922, email or visit www.kurtjohnsonauctioneering.com.

For more information on CAI, its history and its standing as the premiere training program for auction professionals, contact the NAA at (913) 541-8084 or visit www.auctioneers.org.

About Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc.

Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. has carved a niche as one of the nation’s premier benefit and corporate motivational auction companies. With 27 years’ experience and over 2,100 auctions to its credit, Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. has raised more than 70 million dollars for nonprofit organizations. Their award-winning staff includes six Minnesota champion auctioneers and is well-known for entertaining/engaging audiences; sharing information about an event’s cause; and calling attendees to action through lively bidding and good-natured fun.

About the Benefit Auction Institute

Benefit Auction Institute exists to fortify fund raising professionals with the tips, tools and talent needed to leverage their charity and benefit auction events to their most successful outcomes.

About the National Auctioneers Association

The National Auctioneers Association represents thousands of Auctioneers from the U.S. and across the world. The mission of the NAA is to provide critical resources to auction professionals that will enhance their skills and successes. The NAA’s headquarters are in Overland Park, Kan., and it was founded in 1949. To learn more about the auction method of marketing or to access the Auctioneers database to find an NAA auction professional in your area, please visit www.auctioneers.org.


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“In the 15 years I’ve been involved with benefit auctions, I have not seen another auctioneer as gifted as Kurt Johnson. Because he’s the master of his trade, I’ve referred him to several nonprofits in the metro area and all of them have been thrilled with the results. Even the most skeptical become believers in the value of live auctions after they witness Kurt work his magic. You will not be disappointed when you hire Kurt Johnson as your auctioneer. Your guests will have more fun and your organization will make more money.”

--Mary Butler, Development and Special Event Consultant

“I would recommend Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. in a heartbeat.”

—Dave Johnson, National Lutheran Choir